Established in 1994 in Cape Town South Africa, BROOKE INTERNATIONAL has become a foremost security company with a proven service record with regard to quality service and problem solving results. By utilising our expertise to the maximum, we provide solid solutions and high standards of customer service to our clients within the public and private sectors.

The same policy and approach applies during co-operation with associates on the African continent or elsewhere.

Our general approach is one of a professional, total security perspective and prepared response. Measured growth, a stable client base and regular feed-back ensured a reliable structure to operate from. Operational ability is assured by means of a team of full time investigators and analysts backed up by the latest available technology and about 60 field agents at any given time.

Our employees are suitably trained individuals with regard to the Labour Relations Act and other specialist security requirements, which enable them to counsel, guide and assist clients on the correct procedures to be implemented before embarking on the relevant investigation or disciplinary action. Being mindful of labour unrest and other legal consequences, we conduct our assignments in a responsible and discreet manner.

Specialised Security Services

The primary focus of our security function is to identify and reduce or prevent critical losses and irregularities and stabilize productivity within an organisation. Closely associated with “Business Intelligence” this activity comprises of a diverse team of specialists that take care of the relevant need, e.g.:

  • Performing criminal, security and civil investigations into fraud, theft and other misconduct
  • Patent, copyright and trademark infringements
  • Restraint of trademark infringements
  • Electronic surveillance and counter-surveillance
  • Protection of VIP’s and visiting dignitaries
  • Insurance investigations and repossession of vehicles and other items
  • Profiling
  • Tracing of individuals or organisations
  • Security surveys, assessments and audits
  • Truth verification and polygraph examinations
  • Probing of individuals or groups
  • Assistance with the relocation and/or deportation of prohibited immigrants and stowaways

Business and Competitive Intelligence

Suitably trained security agents are placed (covertly) within an organisation or company with an explicit order to infiltrate a network or to identify possible sources of loss or irregularities. In addition to the aforementioned action is the collection of relevant information on products and the current climate within the targeted company with a specific reference to:

  • Employee loyalty to the company
  • Product information
  • Employee’s opinion of management or executive
  • Organised groups or syndicates
  • Indications of forthcoming industrial action
  • Sabotage with regard to property, equipment or products
  • Theft or fraud syndicates
  • Non-productive employees
  • Instigators

Agents usually operate from within the workforce on a casual or semi-permanent basis, thus outwardly appear to be bona-fide employees. A reliable network of informants exits within trade and industry sectors, which permit rapid validation of reported information. Feedback on progress is on a weekly basis, which also contain factual observations conclusions and proposals for further operational planning.

The implementation of clandestine operations within the organisation also serves as a management tool for the executive to become proactive in solving problems on all levels before it becomes an issue.

Management Consulting

Being fully aware of the “best practices” within the security industry we offer a consultation service to further and implement strategic development, operational improvement and frame works to guide problem solving and effective ways of performing security tasks.

In order to establish these fore-mentioned practices our areas of action and consultation includes the following:

  • Physical security
  • Documentation security
  • Communications security
  • Information security
  • Personnel security
  • Personal security
  • Family and home security
  • Travel security
  • Executive protection
  • Security Management
  • Threat analysis
  • Security surveys, audits and assessments
  • State of the art electronic, video and security equipment

Lecturing and Advisory Service

In addition to the afore-mentioned aspects, BROOKE INTERNATIONAL is fully equipped and well versed to furnish relevant advice, to arrange workshops and to facilitate lecturing on the following fields of security:

  • Security philosophy
  • Security management
  • Security by design
  • Security awareness
  • Business intelligence
  • Protective security measures
  • Behavioural analysis
  • Clandestine security operations
  • Security integrity process, procedures and management
  • Security screening, vetting and clearance procedures
  • Security perception and the fear of crime
  • Organised crime
  • Private security investigations
  • Contingency planning
  • Security legislation
  • Community policing and safety
  • Social Engineering
  • Security surveys, assessments and audits
  • Landscaping and security
  • Security within gated communities
  • Hostage negotiations
  • Bomb threats and evacuations

VIP Protection

We provide professional VIP Protectors that have already gained experience in the international arena by protection of celebrities, executives, politicians and other persons, when travelling in South Africa, or worldwide through associates in Europe and the USA. Skilled teams assess security for all nature of events from public appearances to executive meetings and business trips. Armed escort and executive transportation form the basis of the service.

Our protectors distinguish themselves from “bodyguards” in the sense that they not only protect the person but also his/her assets, secrets, documents, integrity and general good name.


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