We provide a wide selection of time and field tested technologies to support various law enforcement activities, such as:


We design and build multi-purpose surveillance vehicles with built-in video and audio recording systems to support undercover monitoring and tracking activities.


We develop custom solutions for crime scene investigation, case management, post-investigation analysis and evidence preparation.


Our products are designed to assist you in managing almost any situation be it routine or emergency. Our technology solutions include emergency call centers, dispatch systems and mobile access to real-time data such as driver information, car registration and biometric identification data.


We deliver complete forensic facilities and services from crime scene investigation, full laboratories array and evidence preparation for use in court.


Law Enforcement


Our solution is designed to effortlessly integrate into all new or existing law enforcement systems including emergency call centers, mobile dispatch devices, GIS location systems, case investigation suites, intelligence systems, and forensics applications. Our unified platform enhances information sharing and inter-agency collaboration to unify law enforcement activities at all levels.


We and our partners offer an in depth training regime with a wide range of professional training programs. Our training programs are led by world-class enforcement specialists with extensive in field experience. Our training programs include:


Police Officers Academy

Officer cadets undergo a rigorous training program that teaches advanced investigation methods to help fight against serious crime and terror, use incident management procedures and technologies, crisis management techniques and effective interagency collaboration.

Criminal Intelligence

Intelligence professionals and analysts gain effective practical skills based on best practices, methods and technologies used by major Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and prime intelligence organizations.

Forensic Science Investigation

Trainees gain expert knowledge and high-level on-the-job skills to perform any type of forensic investigation, such as Forensic Biology, Chemistry, Ballistics and other related scientific and technological disciplines.

Special Units Training

We offer specialist workshops and training programs for anti-terror and special operation units. Our cadre of experts has real “in-field” experience in hostage negotiation, bomb disposal, riot control, sharp-shooter training, and canine handling. We also organise additional workshops to meet evolving operational needs and requirements or as required by our customers.

Crime Scene Investigation

Trainees gain practical skills in crime scene investigation including collection, documentation, and analysis of both physical and witness evidence.

We and our partners build a strong and disciplined law enforcement organisations. We believe police officers, crime investigators and special operations personnel should be well trained and equipped to fight crime, protect public order and maintain internal security.


By delivering an ongoing logistical and technical support, we help ensure operational readiness of law enforcement organisations. Our support services include maintenance of all police equipment, vehicles, firearms and communication devices, as well as, technical support for investigation and intelligence applications and workstations.

Non-Lethal Solutions

In recent years, social unrest worldwide has steadily increased in both frequency and intensity. Threats posed by acts of violence and organized crime endanger the economy, political and social well-being, and the internal stability of any society or country. Potential targets of such attacks include critical assets, private or national infrastructures and high-profile individuals. Social unrest is becoming a more frequent phenomenon due to the growing gap between higher and lower income, racism and ethnic groups, unemployment and the discontent of society in general with politics.

Together with a selection of highly specialized partners, we provide Law Enforcement Agencies, National Security Agencies and Military with leading equipment and training solutions to support these units in their ability to manage acts of violence and social unrest.

Designed to deliver the highest possible protection against evolving threats, Clayford offers a range of Non-Lethal and Anti-Riot solutions including:

  • Ballistic Protection
  • Non-Lethal Weapons
    • Stun Gun systems
  • Anti-Riot Protective Gear and Defensive Equipment
  • Riot Control Vehicles
  • Communications
  • Night Vision Equipment (Image Intensifier/Thermal)
  • Tear Gas Cartridges and Gas Masks
  • Clothing, Pouches and Gear for Law Enforcement


We and our partners offer an in depth training regime with a wide range of professional training programs specifically focussed on counter-terrorism and riot control and management. Our training programs are led by world-class enforcement specialists with extensive in-field experience.


We can deliver a single ballistic helmet or anti-riot shield to a complete equipment package, specifically tailored to the end-user’s application. Clayford cooperates with internationally renowned manufacturers and experts ensuring that all end-users have access to the latest technology and equipment in use, as well as dedicated training courses by counter terrorism and anti-riot experts.

Bomb Disposal

Bomb Disposal Units/Technicians require heavy-duty, reliable field-proven equipment and training to neutralize the threats posed by explosives or other lethal hazards. Chemical-bio attacks pose a major threat in today’s political climate which makes CBRN response a high priority on the list of requirements for governments.

In conjunction with our partners, we provide complete equipment packages and tailored customer-specific solutions for EOD, IEDD and CBRN applications, which include threat analysis, procedures, training and equipment supply. Our range of solutions designed by former front line leaders includes:

  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) with various accessories for a range of tasks & applications
  • Bomb Disposal Suits including cooling and communication systems
  • EOD/IEDD Tools & Accessories
  • Search Equipment for concealed explosives, contraband or narcotics
  • Special Operations Equipment
  • Tailor made turn-key equipment packages including customized vehicle integration (EOD/IEDD and Search)
  • Bomb Containment Chambers
  • CBRN decontamination and blast mitigation foams including delivery systems & personal protective equipment


Together with our technology partner, we offer a complete EOD/IEDD/CBRN capability to end-users with all product and training resources in-house, possessing a proven track record through extensive field experience in crisis areas.


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