We offer fully integrated, turnkey Safecity solutions that can provide fast, efficient response in the event of a public safety and security requirement.

HLS Solutions

Our Safe City solutions enable municipal authorities, emergency services and law enforcement agencies to reduce crime, urban violence and terror threats. The Safe City solutions also help police, first responders and municipal authorities to secure crowd control at sport events, demonstrations, concerts, festivals and street carnivals and any other mass gatherings. We bring years of experience for reliable, field-proven technology backed by professional expertise and “real-world-tested” expertise to create a safer urban environment and increase personal safety and public security.

Our Solutions

Video Surveillance

Utilising a vast array of network-based surveillance cameras which includes all types of electro-optical day and night vision devices, License Pate Recognition (LPR) and video-based content analytics. A system is built which is capable of 24/7 monitoring year round.

Alarms and Sensors

By installing state of the art fire alarms, panic buttons, shot detectors, seismic devices and real-time GPS location tracking devices. WE can monitor wide variety of normally unseen and unheard events.

Emergency Call Centre

Depending on the requirements, we can record, playback and archive incoming calls, monitor incident statuses and manage the prioritization of emergency procedures.

Incident Management

Real-time communication with “first responders” including police, fire, rescue and medical emergency units. Our incident management applications include predefined mission-critical workflows, and seamless information sharing and collaboration tools.

Command & Control Center

Fully equipped situation management facilities to ensure operational readiness, increase responsiveness and streamline incident management activities.


By seamlessly integrating into all mission-critical urban networks: video surveillance cameras, security sensors and alarms, emergency call centre, incident management and urban public infrastructure systems, we create a unified and efficient operational platform. Consolidating the mass data from any network source, we enhance the situational awareness and decision making process on city wide scale.


We believe effective and efficient training makes the Safe City solution even more powerful by providing the trainees with the necessary knowledge tools to perform to the best of their abilities.

We deliver expert training for law enforcement agencies, municipal “first responder” units and Safe City system operators. Trainees gain knowledge and skills to operate and maintain all systems, evaluate threats, mitigate risks and restore city operations back to normal. Our training programs include classroom workshops, practical activity drills, simulation of emergency situations and on-the-job training for all daily operations and crisis situations.


All Safe City solutions should be as autonomous and independent of us as possible, for that reason our solutions include built-in technical and logistics support to ensure smooth, long term operation and a safer urban community. Using an open architecture platform we maximise its flexibility and scalability; it enables municipalities to adapt to evolving growth, complexity and needs.

Critical Infrastructure

Strategic infrastructure, major government offices, hospitals, crowded facilities, sports stadiums, residential areas, etc… All of these constitute attractive objectives for crime and “terror attacks”.

We specialize in the protection of airports, public transportation, energy and chemical plants, commercial and financial facilities as well as government buildings and public monuments. With years of experience we bring reliable, field-proven technology backed by professional expertise and “real-world-tested” solutions to safeguard any large scale facility.

Our teams prepare and deliver a detailed “Threat and Vulnerability Assessment Report” to identify risks and provide solutions, to minimize threats against critical infrastructure facilities and sites. The recommendations we provide assist private and governmental organizations to improve operational readiness and ensure full compliance with applicable standards and international regulations.

By providing the right technology, people and materials to meet your operational needs, and maximize the value of your technology investment. We offer a full turnkey solution for all the security controlled zones, based on reliable, trusted, high performance technology and equipment from leading manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Our solutions include:

Perimeter Control

Our intelligence solutions seamlessly integrates into almost any legacy network, our data fusion and management solutions were built to incorporate any format from any source, providing you with as much flexibility and scalability as possible.


All types of electro-optical day and night CCTV cameras including License Plate Recognition (LPR) and video based content analytics, human detection radars and “smart” fences.

Access Control

Limiting access, monitoring and protecting restricted areas and systems including; personnel and vehicle scanners, detection devices for metals, explosives, drugs and chemicals, as well as, identification systems such as smart employee cards, fingerprint and iris recognition.


Sensors & Devices

We provide a wide variety of detections systems such as; fire alarms, motion detection devices, panic buttons, noise detectors, seismic devices and real-time GPS location tracking devices.

Command & Control Centre

In order to manage all the information produced by the security systems, we supply fully equipped facilities to support daily routine operations, as well as, emergency situations. This ensures efficient workflow, operational readiness and responsive incident management for any crisis situation.


By utilising almost any existing legacy application and IT infrastructure, our unique command and control solutions will create a unified central operations centre. Building an operational platform to ensure complete integration of all available assets including AutoCAD drawings, facility map layers and aerial photographs. Ensuring seamless integration with existing safety and security systems. Our incident-driven workflows and built-in procedures increase situation awareness and operational readiness.


Trainees gain expert knowledge and practical on-the-job skills to safeguard critical infrastructure facilities and equipment. We deliver a wide range of on-site technical training programs for system operators, technicians, and security personnel.


Our event-driven incident management solutions provide real-time communication with emergency field units, coordination of predefined mission-critical workflows, seamlessly sharing information utilising tools for close collaboration with external intelligence and security forces. We enable you to deliver a fast and immediate response when you need it most.


We and our partners support the full operational life cycle of any project, from system design and development, to integration, training and assimilation, we support you every step of the way. We train and prepare your personnel and deliver full maintenance and technical support services based on applicable industry standards and regulations.


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