Who We Are

Today, criminal and terrorist activity present formidable challenges for law enforcement, national security, intelligence, and other government agencies. Additionally, overwhelming volumes of information from diverse sources – including IP communication networks, cellular networks, social networks, Internet forums, and more – make it difficult to rapidly detect threats, conduct investigations, provide/present evidence and prevent crime and terror.
Clayford Holdings vast suite of Communications Intelligence and Investigative Solutions transform information overload into usable actionable intelligence for neutralizing terror and crime. Our solutions efficiently collect, correlate, and analyse vast amounts of information from virtually any number of sources and any type of communications network to facilitate rapid and effective action.

Established in 2007,
Clayford Holdings focuses on the following key offerings:

Integrated Homeland and Private Security Solutions

Intelligence and Surveillance solutions for specialist Government agencies

Law Enforcement And Military Solutions

Clayford Holdings has over the past few years successfully secured a large number of satisfied clients, including numerous Private and Government Clients. As a specialised Provisioning Organisation, we have been able to gain the confidence and trust of our clients, by providing them with quality products and services at competitive rates. Our aim is to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our clients.

We are committed to assisting our clients in sourcing quality solutions whilst offering support and provisioning services that meet the highest industry standards and requirements.

We continue to aim at exploring new markets whilst maintaining and retaining our market share in the current ones we serve. We thrive on providing the very best service levels at the very best prices to our Clients of choice.


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